|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Spain urged to ban circuses with animals as Madrid accused of “breaking its promises” 

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Anti-cruelty campaigners have taken to the streets to demand a total ban on circuses featuring animals throughout Spain.

The demonstration took place in Madrid which is being singled out for “making a promise a year ago and failing to carry this out.”

But the protestors, led by the animal party PACMA, wants the “no animals in cir-cuses” pledge to be adopted across Spain. “Law Zero” has already been presented to Congress.

Silvia Barquero, president of PACMA, said 17 European countries, including Portugal, the UK and Poland, had already agreed to ban animals in circuses or shows and Spain needed to do the same.

“We will continue to call for the abolition of animal torture,” she said. “The ani-mals have miserable lives going around in their tiny cages and only leave to participate in a show.”

A spokesman for PACMA, which has started a protest petition, said: “A hunter can mow down a dog or a cat abandoned in Castilla La Mancha, although in Anda-lucia, this would be sanctioned. A rooster can be forced to fight for his life, against another rooster, in any corner of any Canarian municipality, but in Galicia it is forbidden. If a horse lives in Galician territory, it will not be protected by its animal protection law, while that of Catalonia protects it as a domestic animal. Bullfights are not held in Catalonia, but …

“The disparity between the autonomous laws for the protection of animals, the increase in complaints of animal abuse and, above all, the growing sensitivity of Spanish society towards other animal species, require a project that unifies the entire territory legal regulations to protect animals and eliminate any obstacle when promoting regional and local improve-ments for the sake of their welfare. A law, in short, that starts from a premise: Zero abuse.”