|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Santa Cruz asks for urgent action on “unfair” holiday rentals 


The hot topic of holiday rentals in tourist areas is one being explored by many islands, not just in the Canaries.

Now, Santa Cruz as the capital of Tenerife has added its voice to the debate and is asking the Canary Government to analyse in depth the effect its growth is having.

The city’s Development Society has already held several meetings in recent weeks with the hotel business sector to discuss issues.

The Society believes proposals need to be regulated with regard to this tourist modality.

Ninth deputy mayor and councillor of economic promo-tion, Alfonso Cabello, said: “Santa Cruz is experiencing a very good time in terms of tourism, with high numbers of arrivals of cruise passengers, hikers and lodgers, but some issues such as the situation of lack of regulations regarding holiday rentals make the hotel business sector very concerned. “

“In recent times we have experienced an increase in the price of rental housing, around eight per cent, socioeconomic indicators show that we are emerging from the crisis, and we have detected an increase in housing for holiday rentals in the municipality, something that worries us considerably, given the effects that can bring in the tourism sector, ” he explained.

In this regard, Alfonso Cabello commented that “the holiday rental causes an effect on the economy of the municipality, and as we have learned from numerous hotel and non-hotel operators in the capital, the main one is the possible unfair compe-tition.”

“It is necessary to regulate so that everyone has the same rules, ” he stressed, adding: ” The regional government must intervene urgently on this issue and establish a clear regulation to help mitigate the concern of the sector on such a sensitive issue.”

Carmen Martínez is the owner of the Cejas pension, the oldest tourist accommodation in the capital of Tenerife, located in a house that dates back to 1906 . It has been a boarding house since 1945 and is right in the centre of the historic centre of Santa Cruz. .

She agreed: “We ask that the appropriate mechanisms be activated to set in motion the regulation of holiday rentals, as we consider that we are experiencing a clear unfair competition. We are very concerned about the situation, it is affecting us and the Government should take action on the matter to establish legislation urgently. “