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Public housing situation in Arona has been “forgotten”, says Mayor 

PAGE 5 Public housing  situation in Arona has been forgotten

The Mayor of Arona has held a meeting with the director of the Canarian Institute of Housing, María del Pino de León, with the aim of carrying out rehabilitation and regeneration projects, as well as urgent actions in Cabo Blanco, Arona Vento and Guargacho.

At the meeting, the needs of the 104 public homes in San Martín de Porres, 100 in Santa Rita, 51 in Hermano Pedro, 50 in Mazapé and 70 in Guargacho Virgen del Carmen were discussed.

Sr. Mena was accompa-nied by the councillor of the municipal area of housing, Francisco Marichal Santos who discussed the possibility of renewal and regeneration of part of the 375 protected homes and public con-struction of the municipality, within the framework of the State Housing Plan 2018-2021.

Until now, Arona had never participated in an agreement of this nature to promote the regeneration and rehabili-tation of public housing.

Specifically, the actions proposed by Mena would benefit 104 homes in San Martín de Porres and another 100 in Santa Rita (Cabo Blanco), 51 in Hermano Pedro and 50 in Mazapé (Arona-Vento) and another 70 in Guargacho-Virgen del Carmen .

The most urgent of all, due to their situation would be the first of them all because of their seniority, since they are over40 years old.

The homes of Santa Rita require actions in matters of safety, conservation and acce-ssibility, outside the ARRU system, worth 425,000 euros, which would have to add another 199,800 euros for the waterproofing of the roofs.

The Mayor explained: “We are the third municipality in the population of Tenerife and the fifth in the Canary Islands, and yet we have always been the forgotten ones in terms of rehabilitation of public housing, something that we have to start to change in the face of State Housing Plan 2018-2021 “.

“This group of government has the firm will to change this situation and ensure that our residents have the best possible living conditions, but we can only do it with the involvement of the Government of the Canary Islands, Cabildo and State, a cooperation that we have always defended, that we hope and that is fundamental for a total of almost 400 families of Arona.”