|Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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New baby penguin chick weighs in at just 88 grams! 


The Loro Parque penguin family has recently welcomed a new member with the arrival of a Chinstrap Penguin chick.

Two years ago this species was raised for the first time in the Pingüinario del Parque, which is considered a great success because it is quite delicate and its reproduction is a real challenge.

This baby, which was born on December 11th with a weight of 88 grams, remained in its hatchery during the first days and its breeding was carried out by hand in the Penguinarium’s Baby Penguin, fed in a proportion of ten per cent of its body weight with fish porridge and a supplementation of vitamins and calcium.

During the first month and a half of life, the pigeon receives five meals a day every three hours; from this period on, the intakes are reduced to two a day, and then he begins to eat solid.

Now, it has already reached the weight of 736 grams, and has just started its socialisation process in the group by which it will go to its new environment until finally fully integrating with the rest of the penguins of Loro Parque, in PlanetPenguin .

The chinstrap penguin is a species from waters close to Antarctica, medium-sized (between 41 to 61 centimetres) and usually weighs five to eight kilos. It is able to dive to 70 metres deep, and its diet is almost exclusively composed of Antarctic krill, although it also eats fish and other crustacean species when the chance arises.

This birth, together with four other penguin chicks, promises a good year at the Penguin Park of Loro Parque. In addition, the arrival of new offspring is always a good indicator of animal welfare, because it guarantees that the needs of the animals are covered and, consequently, they manage to reproduce.