|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Mayor calls on public-private initiatives to take Santa Cruz forward 


The Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez has asked for the cooperation of the public and private initiative to consolidate the economic recovery of the city.

He made his appeal during a meeting with the board of directors of the Tenerife employers (CEOE-Tenerife ), to whom he presented details of the municipal fiscal policy for this year.

Sr. Bermudez said the city council is clear that the best way to generate economy and create jobs is to encourage investment and, consequently, has to give facilities to small and medium enterprises to develop their activity.

The mayor reiterated that the municipal policy is based on the reduction of taxes and bureaucracy and the increase of investment and legal security.

Indeed, Sr. Bermudez advanced that, in addition to the fiscal reform planned for this year – which complements the actions already developed in previous financial years – the city council will progress an electronic administration that allows the reduction or elimination of paper in relation to the citizen.

“We are fully involved in this process and the results will be seen progressively,” he assured.

The president of the employer’s association, José Carlos Francisco, said that the CEOE shares the fiscal policy of the Santa Cruz City Council, in order to facilitate business economic activity, and highlighted the good bud-getary situation of the local administration.

“We have listened care-fully to the explanations in tax matters and logically we have also made some suggestions, related to the procedures for the granting of different licences, even knowing that it is an issue that transcends the City of Santa Cruz and also involves other administrations”.

During the meeting, the eighth deputy mayor and councillor of finance, Juan José Martínez, explained the details of the tax reform approved by the City Council for this year, framed in a tax relief policy that began some years ago.

In this regard, he explained that the reform involves savings for residents of 4.8 million euros, a figure that increases to 6.8 million so far in the mandate, and that the reduction of tax rates is simultaneous to maintenance of the investment effort to the limit of the authorised expen-diture ceiling, 47 million euros budgeted.