|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Man plunges to death whilst clearing icicles 

PAGE 20 Man plunges to death  whilst clearing icicles

A 60-year-old man plunged four floors to his death after trying to clear icicles from outside his flat as snow hit a large part of Spain.

The tragedy happened in Avila in the north of the country where fire crews were inundanted with dozens of calls following heavy snow which left many people trapped in their cars or involved in accidents.

Extending ladders had to be used to clear mountains of snow from rooftops because of the danger of falls or collapses into the streets below.

Police believe the victim was probably leaning out of the window of his high-rise apartment block to clear snow and ice from the roof and guttering himself when he slipped and fell.

Witnesses said the whole building had been covered by snow and ice but the area around the man’s flat was seen to be relatively clear when his body was discovered.

Medics rushed to the scene but there was nothing they could do to save his life.

It is understood he may have tried to clear dangerous icicles which were in danger of breaking off.