|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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“Law needs tightening over convicted paedophiles” say campaigners 


Campaigners in the Canary Islands are calling for tougher action against convicted paedophiles and want the law revised.

They say convictions should not be wiped from the register when criminals cannot be considered to be rehabilitated, saying: “There will never be enough means to fight paedophilia.”

Some 2,000 people have been convicted for paedophilia in the Canaries, according to data revealed by the spokesman of the PP in the City Council of La Laguna and Senator for Tenerife, Antonio Alarcó. He was joined at a press conference by the coordinator of the Civic Front against Paedophilia in the Canaries, Abel Román, and the president of FITAPA, Eusebio Dorta.

The campaigners say many of those convicted will have their names removed from the official sex offenders’ register within four years and could return to work with children. They do not feel this is right and want all names to stay on the list until it can be guaranteed that the person in question has been totally rehabiliated and will not offend again.

Head of FITAPA, Eusebio Dorta, explained that “article 13 of the Law establishes the obligation to request all workers in contact with minors, either as professors or through associations or cultural or sports entities, a certificate that confirms that he is free from convictions for sexual offences, but the pro-blem is found when he has completed the sentence, these crimes disappear and his record sheet is blank, and we have evidence of several cases. “

Sr. Alarcó expressed his support for the revision of the judgments because, he ex-plains, “from the crimino-logical, medical, judicial and social point of view, it is known and there is evidence that those convicted of paedophilia are repeat offenders. We believe sentences should be reviewed every two years and that this is essential.”

The associations have requested the collaboration of the business sector to comply with the Law in order to verify that cases of repeat offenders are being “in the most unsuspected places” in order to allow minors to be protected at all times.