|Sunday, December 16, 2018
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La Laguna traders warn of “sewer throwing gang” 

Traders in La Laguna have been warned against a group of criminals who have been looting shops after throwing manhole covers through the windows.

Police say the same method has been used at least seven times in the last two months.

The sub-delegate of the Government, Guillermo Díaz Guerra, the Chief Inspector of the National Police, Miguel Castillejo, and the Commissioner of the PN of La Laguna, David Simó, met recently with business representatives at the request of the spokesman of the Popular Party of La Laguna, Antonio Alarcó.

“The feeling of insecurity of entrepreneurs is quite understandable but it has become clear that dissuasive measures must be taken so that this type of event is not repeated in La Laguna,” says Sr. Alarcó.

Sr. Guerra said the number of crimes had not increased in the municipality but it had been detected that they have focused on commercial and pedestrian zones, using the same modus operandi; ie the throwing of sewer covers.

During the meeting, it was revealed that a group of between three and five people had already been identified, accused of committing more than 20 robberies on Tenerife, some of them in La Laguna.

Sr. Alarco said they would be requesting an urgent meeting with the Local Safety Board “because urgent measures must be taken.”

A direct communication has been opened between businesses and the local police station to speed up action.