|Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Kitesurfer delays two arrivals in Lanzarote! 

PAGE 15 Kitesurfer delays two  arrivals in Lanzarote

British holidaymakers heading for the Canaries from Belfast were caught up in a landing drama when they were refused permission to touch down because of a kitesurfer caught up in the airport lights!

A second flight coming into Lanzarote was also ordered to delay landing until the hapless sportsman entangled himself.

Air traffic controllers say they have no idea why he was in the area and an investigation was immediately launched. The red-faced kitesurfer could face a hefty fine if identified and caught.

It is understood he had disappeared by the time the authorities arrived.

The controllers confirmed on their Twitter site: “He was stuck on the approach lights and partially covered them.”

The two planes were both ordered to “go round” as the kitesurfer was deemed to be interfering with the approach to the runway.

The mishap was considered “imprudent” as kitesurfers rarely choose this area of Lanzarote for one of the island’s leading watersports.

Passengers on both planes were surprised to learn their landing was going to be delayed due to the unusual circumstances.

They were due to touch down on runway three of Guacimeta airport in San Bartolomé, air traffic controllers confirmed.

The two planes were EasyJet and Air Europa flights from Belfast and Madrid which had been due to land at around 4.30pm. They both landed safely a short time later.