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It’s Carnival countdown for Santa Cruz as “Fantasy” fills the streets 

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It’s hard to believe another year has come round so soon but it’s already countdown to Carnival time and Santa Cruz is once again leading the way.

The main activities take place between February 7th and 18th but lots of the fun has already started so there are many reasons to visit the city, both now and during the big week itself.

The theme of this year’s Carnival is Fantasy. The poster is by the artist Nareme Melián Mahugo, who has chosen the Carnival Queen’s sceptre as the main motif.

The “comparsas” are the Carnival dance groups. Nowadays, many have their own unique style. They play a key role in the different events. Make a date for 10/02: Ritmo y Armonía Comparsas Contest.

If you have never experienced the Tenerife Carnival before, here are some important tips for you to bear in mind when preparing your Carnival plan. Although the Carnival officially starts when the groups begin their contests, the real show kicks off with the Queen’s Election Gala. Put on your costume, go out dancing and have fun.

The spectacular carnival queens are the best known image of the Tenerife celebration. Shimmering sequins, feathers, colours – the huge structures that the aspirant queens are dressed in look truly amazing, and every costume seems to have been inspired by a fairytale. Make a date for 07/02

The queen’s costume, her maids of honour and the Carnival groups take on a whole new level when you see them close up parading down the streets of Santa Cruz. Make a date for 09/02

The other face of Carnival: the daytime festivities. Groups of friends and relatives stream by you in their finest costumes. Under the bright light of day, people of all ages and origins share the streets looking to have a good time. Make a date for 11/02 and 17/02

On Carnival Tuesday, when everyone’s muscles ache from Monday night’s dancing and their faces are still speckled with glitter, the city is once again filled with colour to celebrate the Coso Apoteosis parade. Make a date for 13/02.

The Burial of the Sardine takes place on Ash Wednesday and features a crazy procession with a huge model fish, which is finally “cremated”. Make a date for 13/02

If you are a keen carnival fan, you’ll find that one week just isn’t enough. You begin to hunt around the Island for more music and colour. You’ll soon find the excitement you are looking for, as you discover many of Tenerife’s municipalities with their traditions and their own, singular, versions of the carnival.

The combination and fusion of tradition and technology will allow this year to increase the possibilities of the main stage of the Carnival, in the Fairground of the Tinerfeña capital. It’s more than 2,100 square meters (1,400 square meters useful) are being carefully worked to make a fantasy scenario a reality.

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