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Fuerteventura plans new app as part of footpath project 

PAGE 13 Fuerteventura plans new  app as part of footpath project

Fuerteventura’s Cabildo has entrusted the public company Gesplan with the conservation, signalling and maintenance service of the island’s footpath network.

The authority says it wants to guarantee the correct state of the 255 kilometres for the practice of hiking with well marked roads and without danger.

These works, carried out by Gesplan for two years, with the possibility of an extension of one year, have a budget of about 640,000 euros.

Work has already started on the path that goes from Los Lajares to Calderón Hondo in the municipality of La Oliva.

“With this assignment, the Cabildo seeks to maintain the network of trails in perfect condition and enhance their use,” said Cabildo president, Marcial Morales.

“Gesplan will work on signalling the roads to La Peña and the astronomical observatory that will be integrated into this Trail Network, among other actions, and an APP will also be made available to users in which they can communicate the anomalies that they find in the roads, so that it is corrected immediately. “

The actions consist of the improvement of the footing of the trails, with actions of levelling and stabilisation, vegetation clearing and cleaning, as well as restoration of steps and gutters.

Repairs will also be undertaken to the stone walls that border the routes, and the repair of annexed areas complementary to the trails such as rest areas, shaded areas and other elements.

The Cabildo says the project responds to growing demands from tourists who come to the island to enjoy nature.