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Four stowaways found hidden in dashboard 

GRAF1922.MELILLA, 14/01/2018.- Fotografía facilitada por la Policía Nacional de un coche kamikaze que ha logrado entrar hoy a Melilla con cuatro inmigrantes de origen subsahariano ocultos, entre ellos una mujer que iba en el salpicadero del vehículo, cuyo conductor y copiloto fueron detenidos. EFE

Police in Spain found four stowaways, including a woman, crammed under the dashboard of a speeding car.

The immigrants of sub-Saharan origin were trying to cross the Beni-Enzar border in Melilla, the most important between Spain and Morocco, despite the obvious risks to their lives.

Police said the car in which they were hidden was in the queue when it suddenly pulled out and drove at speed towards the security guards.

According to a spokesman for the Government Delegation in Melilla, “the action presented a severe risk to both officers and people standing nearby.”

Once inside Melilla, the car screeched to a halt at a petrol station and the driver and passenger tried to run away. Both were caught. Two police officers were hurt in the incident and needed hospital treatment.

The three men were found squashed into a false compartment under the car whilst the woman was under the dashboard.

The authorities say there has been a “massive avalanche” of immigrants trying to get over the border,either on foot, hidden in cars or by boat.

A temporary holding centre is said to be full to capacity with 1,500 people in it waiting to be processed.