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Fantasies run wild as Santa Cruz Carnival attracts massive crowds 


Tenerife’s spectacular and much-anticipated annual Carnival has adopted a “fantasy” theme


Visitors to this year’s event are invited to let their imaginations run riot as they choose their costumes and let their fantasies become reality during the month of celebrations on the largest of the Canary Islands. This year’s main event is taking place between February 7th and 18th.

The Santa Cruz Carnival is the island’s largest and most anticipated festival, attracting hundreds of thousands of people of all ages to Tenerife’s capital city every year. Considered the world’s second largest carnival after Rio, the street party attracts large crowds who fill the city’s squares and streets to dance salsa and view the spec-tacularly put together parades, which are all free for visitors.

Among the highlights of this year’s Santa Cruz Carnival are:

Carnival Queen Ele-ction Gala (7th Feb-ruary):

Considered by many as the highlight of the Carnival, the spectacular Carnival Queens are often the focus of the stunning iconic images each year. Shimmering sequins, feathers, colours, fabrics and textures – the huge structures that the aspirant queens wear look truly amazing, and every costume seems to have been inspired by a fairy tale. The beauty and flair of the wearers make it even more difficult to choose one favourite design.

Opening Parade (9th February, evening):

The queen’s costume, her maids of honour and the Carnival groups take on a whole new level when seen close up parading down the streets of Santa Cruz, followed by costumed performers, dance troupes and musical groups.

Family-friendly Day Carnival (11h February and 17th February):

The other face of Carnival: the daytime festivities. Groups of friends, children and families stream by in their finest costumes. Under the bright light of day, people of all ages and origins share the streets looking to have a good time.

Coso Apoteosis Pa-rade (13th February):

On Carnival Tuesday, when everyone’s muscles ache from Monday night’s dancing and their faces are still speckled with glitter, the city is once again filled with colour to celebrate the Grand Final Parade.

The Burial of the Sardine (13th Februa-ry):

The Burial of the Sardine takes place on Ash Wed-nesday and features a crazy, irreverent procession of weeping “widows” with a huge model fish, which is finally “cremated”.

Another welcome addition to this year’s Carnival is the introduction of a brand-new App, dedicated to the Carnival, which means that there is no chance of missing any part of the party that fills the whole of Santa Cruz with colour, rhythm and music from dawn to dusk. The App can be downloaded on the official Carnival website: www.carnavaldetenerife.com

Together with Santa Cruz, in February and March other Tenerife’s towns will be also celebrating their own carnivals with lively street parades and parties, including Puerto de la Cruz, Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes.

For more information about the Tenerife Carnival, download one of the videos in the link below or visit www.w-ebtenerife.co.uk and www.ca-rnavaldetenerife.com

Tenerife Carnival Videos: https://we.tl/WnHDpWD25W