|Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Anger after “vital” pedestrian crossing removed in Icod de los Vinos 


Icod de los Vinos is calling on Tenerife Cabildo to restore the existing pedestrian crossing on the TF-414 road of San Marcos Beach, more specifically, the one located in the area of the bus stop at the entrance of the Fishermen’s Houses.

The local council says many people are missing their stop just to avoid the crossing which is causing them considerable inconvenience and a longer journey.

As a result, there have been protests by the residents of San Marcos who have asked the authority to press for action.

“Without any information or prior communication, we learned a few weeks ago, with obvious surprise, that a pedestrian crossing that had always existed on this road had disappeared, ” said a spokesman. “When we asked why, we were told that on January 20th, workers with Tenerife Cabildo proceeded to the removal of the vertical signage and the deletion of the horizontal signalling of the pedestrian crossing; this road element is fully justified, given that it is located in the bus stop, and is the obligatory step, not only of the travellers who descend from the bus, but of many residents who go to their homes.”

The local council says it does not understand “why this measure has been taken, because if the purpose was to improve the safety of pedestrians in the area, in our opinion, what has been achieved is completely the opposite; pedestrians will continue crossing the road and the risk will be greater.”

Finally, they warn that this decision “has other serious drawbacks, given that many people of all ages are forced to walk on stairs that due to their slope characteristics, length and step dimensions are in themselves a danger, so a fall would have very serious consequences for the length of its sections, especially with older people.”