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Two plays at Wingate 

PAGE 12 Infant Nativity Play 2017

Wingate Infant department has expanded this year – with a total of almost 100 children! The big question was…. how do we all fit on the stage for our annual nativity play?

The answer was – Do two plays!!

Our Year 1 and Nursery children performed “Toby´s Christmas Drum” – a variation of the traditional story where a little boy called Toby used his noisy drum to let everyone know about the birth of the baby Jesus. The narrators told the story beautifully and clearly. Everyone knew their parts well, although some rehearsals had been quite amusing – especially when the kings started to practise with their gifts. King number 3 was most distressed when he was given a lovely silver box to give. “Miss Pearson, Miss Pearson! Look, there´s no present inside!!” Bless him!

The Year 2 and Reception children performed “Whoops-a-Daisy Angel” – a little angel who was very clumsy and forgetful, but was given the important job of delivering a message to the shepherds. Once again, the children gave a fabulous performance, leading to a finale of the whole of the Infant department wishing the audience a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A perfect conclusion to our Autumn term!

Miss Pearson, Head of Infants