|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Traffic hotline wants your complaints 

Employers in the construction industry in Tenerife have launched a new “complaints hotline” about the island’s traffic jams after declaring: “Our investments are being stopped on the asphalt!”

The organisation FEPECO says complaints are received on a daily basis about gridlocked conditions, both in the north and the south, and wants urgent action.

On its website, it has set up a special reporting site where members of the public can tell them of their complaints and specific problem areas. These comments will then be forwarded to the authorities.

“These daily queues are having an impact on the productivity of our compa-nies,” said president Oscar Izquierdo.

FEPECO says it wants to give a voice to members of the public about the traffic “chaos” and feels this will be one of the keys to finding a solu-tion.

The hotline is on www.fepe-co.org or you can email carreterasdetenerife@fepe-co.org