|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Toys withdrawn from sale during Christmas crackdown 


The Civil Guard has withdrawn more than 3,200 toys from sale due to the lack of safety

In addition, more than 900 complaints have been made for infractions related to the safety and manufacture of toys, lack of CE marking and other offences.

The most common infractions are those related to the safety and manufacture of toys.

The Christmas operation was carried out in Cantabria and led to the withdrawal of the sale of 3,274 toys for not meeting the security conditions established in the various Directives of the European Council.

These inspections have been carried out during the second semester of 2,017 in bazaar-type establishments where toys of origin are sold, mainly Asian and low cost.

 Also, during this cam-paign have been made more than 900 complaints of irregularities in 369 different types of toys (for each type of toy there were several units, resulting in the sum of more than 3,200 copies). Those responsible for the safety of toys in the European Union are the manufacturers, importers and distributors who put these products on the market.

Children’s toys must have the “CE” mark, which must be present in the entire European Economic Area and which certifies compliance with the regulatory requirements of the rules of commerce in this area, including security.

 The difference of the marking is mainly the spacing of the letters “CE”. The symbol of “China Export” approxi-mates the letters, reducing the space that separates them in comparison with the symbol of the “European Commu-nity”.