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Spanish police keeping the peace in Catalonia walk out of “disgusting” Christmas dinner 

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Spain’s Ministry of Interior has launched an investigation after police drafted in to keep the peace in Catalonia walked out of their Christmas dinner in protest at the “disgusting food”.

Officers were so incensed at being served watery spaghetti, pepper salad and cold croquettes following a ten-hour shift that they boycotted the meal and went in search ot their own restaurant.

Their main union, the SUP, has slammed the situation as “totally unacceptable” and wants better treatment all round for the thousands of officers who have been sent out to Barcelona in the wake of the independence referendum and are living on ships moored in the docks.

They say the meal is symptomatic of the general treatment the officers have received following their arrival in Catalonia to keep the peace last October. They claim the cabins on board the ships are very cramped and have questioned the cleanliness and the food in general.

A number of the disgruntled officers took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their “embarrassment” at their treatment and to share pictures of what was supposed to be their special Christmas meal.

“This is the menu that has been given to the displaced companions in Barcelona and who are on the ship. Does it seem normal to you or does it embarrass you as well? Well, it’s Christmas for goodness sake!” said sub-inspector Alfredo Perdiguero,

One of the police officers described the food as “a plate of spaghetti a la marinera (with only one mussel), battered fish and croquettes and what looks like roasted vegetables” and slammed it as a disgrace.

Another said prisoners were given better treatment,, tweeting: “Christmas menu of our policemen displaced to # Catalonia, … defending the State away from their families.Deliquents receive better treatment!”

In Madrid, prisoners enjoyed soup, hake and an assortment of Christmas sweets..

The police meal in Barcelona was accompanied by two bread rolls and a bottle of water. As well as looking very unappetising, police on board the “Rhapsody” have also questioned hygiene.

The police inspector said because of the general state of police food, they would normally take their own but in this case, they were many miles from home and had been away from their families.

Spain’s Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has now ordered the police to open a confidential investigation on the controversial Christmas menu.

The two remaining ships in the docks in Barcelona are due to leave shortly, with 5,000 officers left in Catalonia to continue policing.

Police claim officers who previously raised complaints about the conditions on the ships, one of which was the cartoon-themed Looney Tunes, were returned home without