|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Schools in Granadilla urged to step up recycling 


Granadilla de Abona, through the public company Sermugran, has distributed a total of 562 blue and yellow bins for the recycling of packaging and paper and cardboard in the educational centres of the municipality.

In this way, the programme carried out by the different municipal public facilities and all the colleges and institutes is completed.

The president of Sermugran, Marcos González, and the vice president, María Candelaria Rodríguez, recently delivered the material to the Los Cardones Institute in San Isidro.

These bins, with a very attractive design and linked to the programme ‘Educa en Eco’ of Ecoembes and the Government of the Canary Islands, have been placed in the common areas of the aforementioned buildings to encourage the students, teachers and the rest of the educational community to recycle packaging, paper and cardboard. The distribution began last September so that with the start of the school year the students have this material and can carry out the recycling from the first day.

Marcos González said the initiative has been very well received by the teachers and school management staff because there are new tools to promote learning in the field of recycling in the classroom.

In the month of November, the ratio of collection of packaging and paper and cardboard of 2016 had already been exceeded, hailed as “very good news for the environment”.

María Candelaria Rodríguez highlighted the importance of this type of policy, especially in educational centres, as they are crucial stages to encourage active participation in recycling in the present and in the future.