|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Puerto’s race for men with high heels sets Madrid alight! 


Puerto de la Cruz has recreated its ‘Mascarita ponte Tacón’ in the centre of Madrid.

The municipality designed this promotional action to show professionals of the tourism sector and the citizens of Madrid one of the craziest events of Carnival in the Canary Islands.

The popular Opera Square in Madrid became the scene for the male marathon which saw a dozen men dressed as women and all wearing outrageous high heels. This was just a small recreation of what happens each year in Puerto as part of the international carnival when around 500 competitors take part in the Mascarita over obstacles and is watched by more than 30,000 people.

The event, which starts at the Plaza del Charco in the historic quarter of Puerto, has already taken place in 23 editions, and for its originality and fun has been replicated in other cities of the world such as New York and Chicago.

In Madrid, numerous personalities and represen-tatives of the hotel sector of the municipality gave their support to the initiative and there was an open invitation to all to travel to Puerto and see the real race for themselves.

The high heels have to be more than eight centimetres and those who showcased the race in Madrid were seasoned professionals, namely Fernando Pérez, Salvador Hernández, Jesús Pérez, Ángelo Lee, Rafa Cortés, Geni Pacheco, Leo Pacheco, Su-bash Mansukhani, Domingo Espínola, Carlos Ventura and César Gutiérrez.

This year’s marathon is on February 16th.

Madrid has been hosting the International Tourism Fair so Puerto wanted to get over in a fun and informative way its attractions.

Puerto closed 2017 with the best tourist reception data since 2008, when it greatly exceeded the global figure of 900,000 tourists staying and two million visitors.