|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Police open 1,000 pineapples to reveal drugs hidden inside with yellow wax 


Police have found 33 kilos of cocaine covered with yellow wax and hidden inside the flesh of fresh pineapples!

Police had to slice open mounds of the fruit after it arrived as part of a fruit shipment on the Costa del Sol from Costa Rica.

Spanish police say they have now arrested the largest cocaine trafficker on the north of the African continent and dismantled a family orga-nisation behind the operation.

Ten other people are being held, 180,000 euros in cash seized together with 200,000 euros worth of jewellery, 15 vehicles, two pistols, various geolocation devices and frequency inhibitors. They have also blocked two million euros in bank accounts as well as 57 buildings worth seven million euros.

“The Costa del Sol based gang used a real estate and financial infrastructure to generate the appearance of legality and to divert the police and customs controls,” said a police spokesman.

“The dismantled organi-sation was made up of members of a family clan whose leader, together with four of his sons and two sons-in-law, used the commercial flow of one of his companies to transport the drug from South America, hidden inside pineapple shipments. In one of the shipments from Costa Rica, we found 33 kilograms of cocaine pressed in cylinders coated with yellow wax and hidden inside the pineapples. Officers had to open thousands of pieces of fruit to locate the narcotic drug.”

The head of the orga-nisation was a 72-year-old man, originally from Mo-rocco but settled in Malaga and involved in drug smug-gling for 40 years.