|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Police in Guia face two reckless driving scares 

There was commotion in Guia de Isora during an incident which resulted in injuries for two police officers and the arrest of a 23-year-old man on suspicion of local robberies.

The fracas started after two local residents who were exercising on Avenida Isora were reprimanded by a driver for no reason. He was driving a car without lights and in a reckless manner and after one of the pair was assaulted, they called in the police. It was about 7am in the morning but before the officers arrived, the suspect fled.

At one stage, the car was found but not the driver but he then appeared on the scene with the owner of the car which was being towed away,

“After a series of insults and disobedience, the situation became violent due to the refusal of the agents to release the vehicle. It was then that the young man assaulted the agents. The police suffered serious injuries,” said a council spokesman,

The 23-year-old was identified as being known to the police and with previous convictions for robbery, robbery with violence and another eight offences. The Civil Guard said he was also being investigated for several robberies in the municipality.

Two weeks before, the Local Police of Guía de Isora also had to face another reckless driver. In one of the routine checks established for the Christmas season, a driver tried to avoid the agents’ stop requear, which led to a chase that ended in Adeje.

“The recklessness of the driver put at risk the lives of the agents who tried to intercept the car. The car ended up n a roundabout after impacting with a lamppost. The driver tested positive for alcohol and drugs,” said the spokesman.