|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Pioneering project as Arona starts to use purified water for irrigation 

Arona has initiated works to reuse, for the first time, purified water in the irrigation of gardens and in the washing of streets.

The local council has launched a pioneering project in the municipality that allows it to take an important step in terms of sustainability, using water from the Cabo Blanco wastewater treatment plant to irrigate green areas and wash down, which saves costs, makes good use of natural resources, avoid discharges and optimal maintenance of public spaces.

It means that for the first time in the history of this municipality, drinking water, once purified, will be reused in the irrigation of the green areas and in the cleaning of streets, thanks to the works that have been started in these days within the framework of the program #AronaAvanza, promoted by the Mayor, José Julián Mena.

In this way, Arona will soon start to use purified wastewater, obtaining the highest quality, a system that has not advanced too much in the Canary Islands and is completely a pioneer in the municipality. The project allows the council to save costs and significantly reduce the consumption of drinking water, in addition to avoiding spills.

The reuse project, which is being executed by the concessionaire Canaragua, allows conserving fresh natural waters for other uses and not in the irrigation system, something especially important in places where this is a scarce resource, such as case of Arona and the south region of Tenerife.

The purification will be carried out in Cabo Blanco, in the Orilla street station, to be used in the cleaning of roads and irrigation, in a first phase of the La Trujilla park, which is currently in full operation, and in the landscaped areas next to El Lere ravine.

The forecast is to extend this system to the whole munici-pality in different stages.

The Cabo Blanco facilities have a daily purification capacity of around 200 cubic metres of water, of which about 150 will be used in the aforementioned park, in the green area adjacent to the ravine and in the street washout.

The works of the cana-lisation towards the Trujilla have begun in the last days, while those that are going to stop at the El Lere ravine are already done. For street cleaning, an entrance will be installed in this station, which is almost entirely underground, so that the tanks of the trucks can be loaded and distributed.

The implementation of this method of reuse, together with the installation of a remote control system of the treatment plant of Cabo Blanco, involves an investment of just under 42,000 euros and a deadline of one month.