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Pica-Pica bring interactive family show to Los Cristianos 

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The children’s group Pica-Pica will perform on January 20th at the Auditorium Infanta Leonor de Arona in Los Cristianos.

Tickets for this interactive music, theatre and dance show aimed at families with children over the age of two are now on sale.

The Pica-Pica children’s group, with five years of experience and more than 600 million views on its official YouTube channel, has become one of the most recognised training experiences for children in recent times.

Arona council’s department of culture has organised this show, in which Pica-Pica will offer a tour of the magical world of Nacho Bombín, Emi Bombón and Belén Pelo de Oro. Children and adults will be able to sing, together with Pica-Pica, great successes such as Pollito Chicken, the Dance of the Fruit, La Mané, English Pitinglish and La Taza, among others.

“The songs of Pica-Pica empower children in the development and learning of rhythm, memory and language,” a spokesman explained.

In addition, this children’s group takes traditional games to the stage, elements that get the participation also of the older generation. On the other hand, choreographies are designed through inter-activity, encouraging the development of psycho-motricity and body ex-pression.

“With the combination of all these playful and educational elements, the whole family can have fun with this show, sing their songs and follow the adventures of the prota-gonists, residents of a particular courtyard where a lot of things can happen,” said the spokesman.

Ignacio Repetto, Emiliano Müller and Belén Guijarro are the actors and clowns who play Nacho Bombín, Emi Bombón and Belén Pelo de Oro. During the month of December, Pica-Pica has performed in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Ciudad Real, while the year 2018 features stops in Santiago de Compostela, Gijón, Santander, Albacete, Alicante and Murcia.

Tickets to enjoy this family concert can be purchased at the Cultural Centre of Los Cristianos, from Monday to Friday, from 9am. to 2pm. through the website of the council, www.arona.org and, two hours before the show, at the box office of the Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos.