|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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New lease of life for San José municipal sports pavilion 


Refurbishment work has started on the San José municipal sports pavilion in San Juan de la Rambla.

The local council says the project will bring a new lease of life and increased use to the centre, the largest sports facility in the municipality.

It will be converted into a multifunctional space on four levels, the sports courts, a second level equipped with gym, the grandstand area and an upper one equipped with a cafeteria with a terrace.

With a total budget of 142,000 euros from the contribution of the Cabildo de Tenerife (127,764 euros) and the municipal coffers (14,196 euros), the execution of the work will solve problems detected both in the design and construction, dividing the work in two phases.

The first one affects the structural improvement of the installation, highlighting the commissioning of the exterior panoramic lift, which has been in disuse for years, the improvement of the central sports court replacing the current synthetic pavement, which is very slippery, by another more suitable for its sporting use, the execution of the fire-fighting tank, and the improvement of thermal insulation, one of the biggest problems detected, that will see a solution thanks to a correct waterproofing on the roof that eliminates water leaks.

Once this first part is currently under construction, a second block of actions will be implemented that includes the improvement of plumbing, both fire and sanitary installations, improvement of changing rooms and showers, integral electrical inspection, renovation of lights, correction of damages in the area of stands, painting actions that remove moisture from walls and ceilings, embellishment of walls, metal elements, perimetre fence and walls of the green areas.