|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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New fleet of scooters and bikes boosts Arona’s policing 

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Arona has invested almost 1.4 million euros in the renewal of vehicles and equipment for the Local Police.

The Fisherman’s Square, outside the Cultural Centre of Los Cristianos, hosted the presentation of 15 new vehicles for the traffic and beach units of the Local Police.

This is part of the municipal action plan for renewal and expansion of the fleet and the material endowment of the police force, which has meant an investment of almost 1.4 million euros in two years.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained the details of this strategy of comprehensive renovation of the Local Police envelope in a presentation of these new vehicles attended by the councillors of security, Raquel García; modernisation and contracting, Francisco Marichal, and police, Carolina Reverón, as well as the head of BMW Motorcycles in Canaauto, Michel Ambrosio.

“When we arrived in government, we found a Local Police force with obsolete material resources in poor condition. We committed ourselves to turn this situation around, acquiring new equipment and renovating the mobile fleet. With the 15 vehicles that we present today, we can say that, in two and a half years, we have almost completely renewed the mobile park of the Local Police of Arona, with a committed expenditure of 1.4 million euros.”

The Mayor said that Arona, therefore, also advances in security.

“We are fulfilling a commit-ment and we are improving the safety of our reidents and the working conditions of Local Police agents. There is work to be done and time ahead to continue introducing improve-ments, both material and labour. We are also making progress in sustainability, since of the 15 units that we present today, nine of them are completely electric, which is consistent with the Sustainable Arona in which we work,” he said.

Police councillor, Carolina Reverón, said the process had been fully participatory with the officers telling the council what was needed.

She said further improvements would follow, such as new service vans and specialised material by sections.

The new vehicles consist of five electric scooters BMW C Evolution, six motorcycles BMW F 800 GT and four electric bicycles BMW Cruise E-bike, with a total value with taxes of 177,500 euros.

Arona council began in 2016 a total renovation of the fleet of municipal vehicles to ensure the safety of personnel, achieve a reduction in main-tenance costs and fuel, as well as betting on vehicles with fewer emissions.

For the Local Police, almost 40 vehicles have been purchased or hired through the renting procedure, including off-road vehicles, trail bikes, patrol cars, also with bulkheads, as well as the recently presented motor-cycles and electric vehicles. To this is added the acquisi-tion of new uniforms, after many years without renewal, and bulletproof vests, elements that total more than 262,000 euros.