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La Gomera sets out its priorities for 2018 in plan “for and by the people” 


The creation of employment, economic diversification and the improvement of the infrastructures mark La Gomera’s agenda for 2018.

Island president Casimiro Curbelo said the planned expenditure will have a direct impact on the welfare of residents.

“The unemployed and people with greater difficulties are a priority in our daily tasks, ” he assured, adding: “The 2018 budgets have been designed by and for people; the creation of employment, economic diversification and the improvement of public infrastructures are our priorities for the coming year.”

Sr. Curbelo put the accent on people and policies of job creation. In this line, he recalled that the insular accounts already have spe-cific items for the hiring of 1,000 unemployed, which will be increased with the execution of projects linked to road infrastructures and the investments included in the Canary Islands Development Fund (Fdcan).

“We are talking about a figure of more than 11 million euros that will facilitate access to employment for many workers, besides allowing roads, trails and public spaces to be in good condition for their use,” he said, before recalling that the creation of employment will be linked to training through sector programmes. “Next year we will continue betting on training to recover those sectors with less activity such as agriculture, livestock or fishing,” he said.

In addition, he pointed to the strengthening of the island economy with the implemen-tation of incentives that facilitate the diversification of the productive fabric, since he recognised that the creation of business initiatives in La Gomera have a much higher cost than other islands, so they need of the support of public administrations. “We are aware that an entrepreneur from La Gomera has a much harder time starting up his project here than in the capital islands,” he said.

Casimiro Curbelo empha-sised the construction of the new social health centre in La Gomera and explained that, if everything goes according to estimates, the construction will begin in the middle of this year.

“The demolition tasks are quite advanced, as is the drafting of the construction project. The same happens with the construction of the new access that will begin to be executed soon. ” He also reiterated that the investment of these three projects exceeds 1.9 million euros, to which will be added the 10 million coming from the II Plan for Sociosanitarias Infrastruc-tures of the Canary Islands for the construction and furnish-ing of the new building.

The president highlighted important items that will benefit La Gomera, such as those related to the environ-ment and sustainability, amounting to 1.7 million euros for the sealing of old landfills. Also, he referred to the investments in health that will allow the improvement of local clinics, in addition to the execution of the project of the new Health Centre of Alajeró and the new health infra-structure of Valle Gran Rey. “These are priority actions on an island where distances make attention in districts a primary tool,” he said.

He referred to the projects linked to the tourist infra-structure of the viewpoints of El Cristo, El Santo and Juan Rejón. In the same way, specific items will also be allocated for the works in the CEO Nereida Díaz Abreu.

Finally, he underlined the investments in roads that will involve the optimisation of the road connections between the north and the south of the island with the execution of the improvement projects of the GM-1 between Epina – Arure; the Variant of Vallehermoso; the GM-1 as it passes through the north of the island and the Paredes-airport section.