|Friday, October 19, 2018
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“Hello, are you English?” ask Guia de Isora students 


Students from Guia de Isora are going out and about interviewing tourists and practising their English at the same time.

The youngsters from IES Alcalá are putting their classroom lessons to good use and have even designed the questionnaire, T-shirts and caps. Their intention is to interview as many visitors as possible to obtain a true image of the type of tourism in Alcalá.

Later, they will look at the data collected so they also get lessons in statistics.

For the students, it is a golden opportunity. “In addition to listening to the language we learn in the classroom, we also learn different accents and expres-sions that do not appear in the books,” says one of the students. “It is not the same to hear an Englishman as a Welshman or an Irishman. As part of the interview also includes an assessment by the respondent of our level when speaking, we have a fairly clear idea of our actual ability to communicate.”

Education councillor Ángeles González said: “These initiatives are essential. If having languages is an obligation in today’s world, for young people it is even more so. Many of the professional opportunities they will have in their future will require English and probably another lan-guage. “

So far, says the council, the students have found the typical English resident is retired, living in Tenerife for five years and still without a grasp on the Spanish language.