|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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British tourist attacked in Puerto de la Cruz 

A British tourist nearly had one of his fingers bitten off during a violent assault in Tenerife.

Police say the victim was so badly attacked that he could suffer facial disfigurement.

Eight officers had to be called to the scene following reports of a vicious fight in the early hours of the morning outside a pub.

The Brit was bleeding profusely from his left hand where his middle finger was nearly severed by the bite.

Reports say the two men were still locked together and lying on the floor when the police arrived at around 1.30am.

A 31-year-old Serbian citizen was arrested in connection with the incident which happened in Puerto de la Cruz.

Crimes of this nature are infrequent in Puerto which prides itself on being a safe resort.

The Brit was said to have been so badly beaten that his face was disfigured and he was bleeding from an eyebrow, as well as his hand.

Witnesses say there appeared to be no reason for the attack as the Brit had only been sitting near the Serb and had started up a conversation with a group of young people. The aggressor then “turned on him”. When police tried to arrest him, he also turned on them, spitting and kicking. He was put in handcuffs and taken to a health centre.

The Brit needed hospital treatment.