|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Animal bodies carried in cruelty protest 

PAGE 16 Animal bodies carried  in cruelty protest

Anti-cruelty activists took to the streets of Madrid, many carrying the dead bodies of animals, to protest about “inhumane practices and exploitation” in the meat industry.

All those taking part were asked to wear black and to display photos of the faces of animals taken by the campaign group “Igualdad Animal”.

They say these represent just a small number of the millions of animals killed each year around the world in unacceptable conditions.

Those on the front row of the silent protest held dead animals in their arms, including piglets, chickens and rabbits.

The demonstration in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol was organised to coincide with the International Day of Animal Rights.

“We are here to give voices to the millions of animals mistreated by industrial livestock, which is responsible for terrible animal abuse and the destruction of the planet,” said Javier Moreno, director of “Animal Equality,” in a statement.

The protestors say the rights of animals have to be respected and want major changes in the law.

The organisation, which has three million members around the world, has been investigating cases of animal abuse for more than a decade.