|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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“Vital” car park in Las Galletas secured for two years 

PAGE 8   Vital car park  secured in Las Galletas

Arona council has stepped in to save a vital car-parking area in Las Galletas.

The authority has leased the rough land adjacent to the sports hall so that the hundreds of motorists who use it every day can continue to do so. It is also planned to make improve-ments.

The land is privately owned and there were fears that its use as a car-park could cease. However, the new agreement guarantees its continuation for the next two years with the possibility of a further ex-tension.

The council has also pledged to carry out resurfacing work to get rid of the potholes although total asphalting is not possible because it is classified as rural land.

The area leased is 8,500 square metres and will have some 520 parking spaces once the improvement works are completed.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, said they understood that guaranteeing the public use of that surface was vital for Las Galletas. It was very important for the neighbours and it was strategic to preserve and promote the commercial zone and gua-rantee the jobs “for which we started to work on a solution that has now been made possible. “

Sr. Mena recalled that this was one of the main demands of the inhabitants and small and medium merchants, who needed the support of their council to ensure a space that could continue to use as parking.

The council has already held the first talks about another surface that is used in Las Galletas as a parking lot in Punta del Viento, which could bear fruit in a second public parking lot for the town.