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Violence against women will be eliminated, says Prime Minister 

page 16  Violence against women  will be eliminated, says Prime Minister

A society free of violence against women is possible and together we will achieve this.”

These were the words of Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy as he presented awards on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

He urged everyone to remember “each and every one of the women murdered” and also the children “murde-red to increase the suffering of their mothers”.

“We have to do everything that is in our hands to help abused women in their most basic of rights,” he said.

Sr. Rajoy added that “a mature, democratic and civilised society” is one which “respects the rights of men and women, that treats both sexes equally, and that doesn’t appreciate or accept any form of discrimination”.

In this regard, the President of the Government also referred to “other forms of gender-based violence”, such as “trafficking women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation” and “the violence of control exercised through the social media”.

However, he stressed that the figures show that progress is being made in the fight against gender-based violence, since there are now “fewer victims”, more abuse reported and “more restraining orders”, He stated that this progress has gone beyond our borders because “Spain has managed to become a bench-mark at an interna-tional level in the design and implementation of public policies on gender-based violence”.

In this regard, he high-lighted the recent approval of two reports in the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament on the fight aga-inst gender-based violence, which will serve as the basis for the State Pact that will be reached in the next few weeks, because they repre-sent “a great step forward for our society”.

The President of the Government also underlined the “spirit of consensus” that is being achieved in regard to this State Pact. “This is an historic agreement that provides for more than 200 measures, with an unprece-dented commitment to push them through”.

He listed the ten corners-tones on which this State Pact is structured: breaking the silence and raising awareness; improving the institutional response; improving assistance, aid and protection for victims; stepping up assistance and protection for minors; boosting training for those professionals involved; improving statistical monito-ring and research; intro-ducing cross-cutting modu-les on sexual violence in the content of training in compa-nies and public authorities; fostering a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary focus to the criminal offence of people trafficking; devoting greater financial resources to the application of policies (1 billion euros over five years), and carrying out and evaluating the policies agreed by part of a non-legislative Standing Commit-tee in the Lower House of Parliament.

The ten award-winners who received an iron sculpture of “Menina” were:

The Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The soprano Pilar Jurado.

Atresmedia and Mutua Madrileña.

Scouts of Spain.

Police commissioner Jorge Zurita.

Leganés Sports Club.

The actress Miriam Díaz Aroca.

Alfonso Magaña.

Fundación Cepaim.

The pop group, La Oreja de Van Gogh.