|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Rajoy wants “peace and harmony” for Catalonia 

page 16 Rajoy wants peace and  harmony for Catalonia

The main objective for Catalonia is to begin a new period of “peace” and “social harmony”, says Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

In an interview on Tele-cinco, he stressed that a reform of the Spanish Consti-tution cannot be “a reward” for those who sought to destroy it.

Although he admitted that triggering Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution was not an “easy” decision, he ackno-wledged that it served to change “many things”.

In this regard, he also stressed that legality has been restored in Catalonia and elections have been called within a legal framework, and “we now face a situation of much greater normality”. “The goal now is for Catalonia to recover peace and social harmony following the elect-ions on 21 December,” he added. He said he was convinced that “things will go well for those of us who believe in the law, in the rule of law, in national sovereignty and in the unity of Spain”.

As regards a possible constitutional reform, Mariano Rajoy said he is willing to talk about it but “it is not one of my priorities” because “there are much more important and pressing things to be done in Spain”.

However, he added that such a reform “cannot ever be undertaken as a reward for those who sought to destroy the Spanish Constitution” because “that would be ridiculous” and “a poor message for everyone”.