|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Mountaineers back Teide with historic signing on the summit! 

A group of mountaineers from Tenerife have joined the tourist awareness campaign #YosoyTenerife by signing the new Teide Manifesto in a ceremony held on top of the highest mountain in Spain.

President of the Cabildo, Carlos Alonso and president of the Tenerife Federation of Mountaineers, Alex Díaz signed this agreement in the company of those who know this environment the best ie more than 30 mountaineers, climbers and hikers who travelled from the base of Montaña Blanca via path number 7, which coincides with the historical route of ascent to the peak of El Teide.

In this way, at 3,718 metres altitude, the representatives of the mountaineering group and the Cabildo de Tenerife under-took to develop joint actions to achieve a sustainable island committed to tourism.

Among the 17 points raised by this group includes awareness campaigns about the need to preserve and safeguard our natural spaces, the maintenance of marked trails which help to regulate the flow of visitors, the promotion of activities of hiking in areas of some degree of decline that stimulate tourism and collaboration in conducting a study on accidents on the trails as a preventive measure, among others.

“In short, the mountaineers showed their willingness to contribute to the Cabildo in any action, as an involved party in direct relation to sports in the natural environment, in order to promote risk management in our territory and in particular in the Natural Protected Spaces, with the promotion of visitor safety, which is a valuable asset for future tourists,” said a Cabildo spokesman.