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Make it a happy Christmas for your pet 

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With Christmas around the corner it’s an idea to start thinking about how the festive period affects our beloved cats.

We’re all familiar with the dog campaign that tells us that ‘A dog’s for life, not just for Christmas’ and the same applies to cats, of course.

One of the most poisonous plants for a cat is the Poinsettia, if you do acquire one of these plants, you’ll need to put it well out of reach for Kitty as any nibbling could be fatal for them. Holly, ivy, mistletoe or yew are also poisonous. Any ingested fibre or sap from these plants could prove fatal. Real Christmas trees are mildly toxic to cats, although the sharp ends of the ‘needles’ normally stop them trying to eat them. Once your tree is decorated with lights and baubles, it’ll present a huge temptation to a cat as a plaything. Many cats will try and climb the tree (pulling it over in their attempts), or view the shiny decorations as toys and will try and pull them off to chase round the room. Christmas tree lights can also present a hazard, as your cat will probably get an electric shock if they chew through the thin wire.

Try and keep your cat to their normal diet over Christmas. No doubt they’ll appreciate a little bit of turkey, which will be absolutely fine for them, but don’t try tempting them with paté, prawn cocktail or sausages wrapped in bacon, as any sudden change to a cat’s diet can result in an upset stomach. Keep your kitchen door firmly closed if you have left the remains of turkey out (or anything else your cat fancies snacking on) as even if your cat doesn’t normally jump on work surfaces, they may become very determined to sample the delicious food.


Please consider adopting a kitten/cat from us. All our cats awaiting adoption can be seen on our website at www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com/pets. Ring or Whatsapp Sharon on 6625 24006 (seven days a week 9-6pm), or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm, on 6712 82773.

All cats/kittens go on a week’s trial, in your home, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together, kitten injections, micro-chips and neutering is FREE for the second kitten. Adopt a black kitten, or two, and both kittens receive the above treatments, free of charge!


SANTAPAWS IS COMING!! but he won’t be to the cats and kittens in our foster care unless some of our lovely volunteers can help them. After last year’s brilliant success of the reverse advent calendar we would like to invite our supporters to help us again. The idea is that each day of December a little something is bought suitable for a cat or kitten, toy, food, litter, etc and donated to us at Christmas. Of course it doesn’t matter if it’s not every day and it really doesn’t have to be something big, we can also collect no problem. Can you help our furbabies?