|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Guia de Isora plans to pedestrianize several streets 


With the aim of revitalising the historic centre of the municipality, the local council of Guía de Isora has managed to include within the Municipal Cooperation Plan of the Cabildo a project to pedestrianise some of its streets.

Specifically, these are the streets of Arriba, de Abajo, El Mentidero and partially of calle Sorlarai.

“This will improve the image of the centre and facilitate the transit of pedestrians,” said a spokesman.

By opening these new spaces and expanding the sidewalks, the council hopes to boost an area with a high historical value, attract new residents to the area and create a more attractive space for commercial opportunities.

The council says it is aware of the need to increase the number of parking spaces after the approval of this project. For Mayor Pedro Martín, “a few years ago we conditioned one of the few areas available in the town centre, the upper part of Los Chorros Street, to make free parking. For this new work, we have bought land next to the main road, very close to El Pilón street.”

First vice-president and councillor of municipal co-operation, Aurelio Abreu, said the pedestrianisation plan was “one more step” to improve the quality of life of residents, commenting: “This project is the answer to the need to begin to act in improving the urban environment of the historic centre of Guía de Isora and to value the architectural herit-age as an attraction for resi-dents and visitors of the area. “

At the same time, the council is trying to improve internal mobility between the areas of Chajajo and Las Britas. A project is being drafted to build a new street that connects with the Los Chorros car park and that leads to the El Pinillo area.