|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Gran Canaria claims discrimination in budget money from Canary 

page 12 Gran Canaria claims  discrimination in budget money from Canary Government

Gran Canaria’s Cabildo has accused the Canary Government of discrimination by giving the island less money than the others in the archipelago.

Leaders estimate that Gran Canaria has missed out on 120 million euros in in-vestments over the last four years when compared to Tenerife.

Island president, Antonio Morales appealed to the deputies for Gran Canaria to vote against the 2018 budgets, with 24 million less, even if they do not agree with the explanation.

Sr. Morales said the justifications given by the Government oscillated between those given by the President of the Government, Fernando Clavijo, and the Minister of Finance, Rosa Dávila, who say that it is justified by questions of territory and population, and that offered by the Vice President , Pablo Rodríguez, also deputy for Gran Canaria, who refutes this explanation and says that it is to adjust to the needs of each island, that is to say, that Gran Canaria needs 24 million less than Tenerife.

“As if Gran Canaria had all its problems resolved,” said the president.

With respect to Gran Canaria and Tenerife, in 2018 the first has an investment of 130 million with 155 euros per person compared to 154 million, 174 per person, in the second.

In 2017, Gran Canaria received 99 million and Tenerife 103, the previous year the difference was 77 million, since Gran Canaria received 110 million against the 187 of Tenerife and in 2015 received 110 and 125, respectively.

All in all, in four years Gran Canaria has received 451 million of investment compa-red to 571 in Tenerife, with a contribution per inhabitant of 133 euros for each Gran Canaria and 160 euros for each Tenerife.

“We do not ask for a favourable treatment, but we also do not accept discrimi-natory treatment,” said Sr. Morales.

The Cabildo says Gran Canaria may have taken great strides forward but there was still much t be done.

“We will not stop to wait for those who have not done their homework,” said the island president.