|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Fugitive Brit arrested on Costa del Sol 

An on-the-run Brit accused of a 3.7 million pound fraud has been captured on the Costa del Sol whilst hiding under the cover of at least 12 bogus identities.

The 53-year-old British man was detained by the police in Malaga under a European Order of Detention and Delivery issued by the UK.

The man, born in Canterbury in October 1964, was located and detained in the vicinity of his home in Marbella, police said in a statement.

The fugitive was listed in the network ENFAST (European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams) which groups the most wanted fugitives of the European Union.

The investigation began after receiving information from the British authorities that pointed to the presence in the province of Malaga of a British subject with a European claim in force for economic and financial crimes.

“The fugitive, who had arrived in Malaga fleeing the action of justice in his country, used more than a score of false identities,” said a police spokesman.

. An operation was then developed to locate and arrest him, which finally occurred in the vicinity of his home in Marbella, where he was intercepted. At the time of the police action, he tried to avoid being identified, posing as another person and presenting a false document.

According to OEDE, the facts that led to the claim occurred in the United Kingdom between 2003 and 2008, when the fugitive, with the help of other defendants, founded several companies which he used to defraud the British public coffers of 3.7 million pounds.