|Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Festive campaign urges: “Take a taxi or bus!” 


Santa Cruz has launched an advertising campaign that aims to encourage the use of public transport during the Christmas holidays.

This initiative, which will be developed in the five districts of the municipality until next January, stresses the advantages of moving by taxi and bus during these dates in which there are major traffic delays and it is more difficult to find parking.

The fourth deputy mayor and councillor of public services, Dámaso Arteaga, reiterates that, during the next few weeks, “it is even more advisable than usual to use public transport when making our Christmas purchases. For this reason, we invite all citizens to use the taxi and bus to enjoy Santa Cruz in the near future, in addition to the tram. “

The campaign, which has the theme ‘Park your problems’, consists of 25 double-sided advertising elements that have been distributed to different locations in the Anaga, Centro-Ifara, Salud-La Salle, Ofra-South and Southwest districts.

On the one hand, on a blue background appears the figure of a taxi and the phrase “take the taxi and enjoy your city”. And, on the other, a bus appears on a green background and the heading “take the bus and enjoy your city”.