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Driving licences 

As Christmas approaches we thought it might be useful for readers to refresh their memories regarding traffic infringements and how this affects their licence and points situation. Firstly, what information is shown on a Spanish licence? Well basically all European Licences are the same but with a flag denoting the country of origin i.e. UK, Spain, Italy etc. Each section has a number that then describes the item shown:

1. Surname

2. Given names

3. Date of birth and country of birth

4. A) Date of issue of the licence

B) Date of expiry of the licence

C) Issued by

5. Drivers licence number

6. Photo of the holder

7. Holders signature

9. Categories held

10. Valid from

11. Valid to

12. Drivers codes

What are the most common types of codes?

1.1 Glasses

1.2 Lenses or contact lenses

01.06 Glasses or contact lenses

02.01 Hearing aid

02.02 Hearing aid in both ears

05.01 Limited to daylight driving (from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset)

05.02 Limited to a kilometre ratio from residency or from a city centre

05.03 Cannot carry passengers

05.04 Speed limited to x km/h

05.08 No alcohol permitted

10.01 Manual transmission only

10.02 Automatic transmission only

15.01 Adapted clutch pedal

20.01 Adapted brake pedal

25.01 Adapted accelerator pedal

42.01 Exterior lateral mirror

42.04 Panoramic interior mirror

70 exchanged licence followed by a previous licence number

Now here’s the important part folks! How many points are given on a licence? When the points system was introduced, and for each exchanged licences the holder starts with 12 points. Are any more points achievable? Well the short answer is ,Yes! Two extra points are given if the holder has not lost any in the first three years and then a further one extra point is given after another three years until a total of 15 points are reached.

How many points are given on a newly issued or re-issued


A new driver or re-issued licence is given an initial 8 points until the licence has been held for two years. The amount of points you lose for infringements are shown below but bear in mind in addition to this there are often fines too! Christmas is coming and the police want their parties!!!!

6 points:

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol with a reading higher than 0,50 mg/l in expelled air (in the case of professional drivers and new drivers, 0,30 mg/l).

2. Driving under the influence of drugs.

3. Refusal to participate in a drug or alcohol test.

4. Dangerous driving, driving in the wrong direction or participating in an illegal race.

5. Driving a vehicle with a radar detector or inhibitor fitted.

6. Driving 50% over the permitted hours or with under 50% of the obligatory rest.

7. Participating or collaborating in altering the correct function of a tachograph or speed limiter.

4 points:

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol with a reading higher than 0,25 mg/l but lower than 0,50 mg/l in expelled air (in the case of professional drivers and new drivers, from 0,15 mg/l to 0,30 mg/l).

2. Driving a vehicle without the necessary licence.

3. Throwing onto the road objects that could cause a fire, road traffic accidents or an obstacle to the traffic.

4. Ignoring a give-way or the obligation to stop at a give-way, stop sign or red traffic light.

5. Overtaking putting oncoming traffic in danger or overtaking in a dangerous or low visibility area.

6. Overtaking endangering cyclists.

7. Reversing on motorways or dual-carriage ways.

8. Not respecting a traffic agent’s orders who is regulating the traffic.

9. Not maintaining a safety gap to the car in front.

10. Driving a vehicle whist suspended or prohibited from doing so.

3 points:

1. Making a chance of direction where it isn’t allowed.

2. Driving whilst using earphones or any other device that reduces the attention of the driver or manual using a telephone, satellite navigation system or any other communication system.

3. Not using a seat belt or child restraint system, helmet or other protection devises.