|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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“Don’t use your mobile whilst driving!” new campaign urges 

Spain’s Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido has presented a new campaign to raise awareness of the danger posed by distractions during driving, especially the increasing use of the mobile phone.

 The Traffic Department has recorded a video for TV which recreates the dangers, as well as ones for the social networks.

Also several informative spots have been recorded for radio stations which stress the need to pay full attention to driving. The slogan is: “At the wheel, if you look at the mobile from time to time, you only see the road from time to time. “

“In all EU countries the use of mobile phones is the main cause of concern among traffic authorities due to the increase in accidents and victims due to this cause,” he said.

 Distracted or unattended driving is behind 25 per cent of the accidents and 31 per cent of the fatalities, according to the Main Road Traffic Accident Figures 2016. Among the most frequent distractions is the use of the mobile, an action that is classified as a very dangerous practice by 94 per cent of the drivers, according to the RACC study.

The latest report on driving habits carried out by Axa and “Ponle freno” indicates that 25 per cent of respondents admit that they talk on the phone without using the hands-free device and 18 per cent admit that they respond to these messages while driving.