|Friday, January 18, 2019
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Bicycles and mopeds to be allowed on motorway? 

page 13 bicycles and mopeds to  be allowed on motorway

Gran Canaria is suggesting bicycles, mopeds and vehicles for people with reduced mobility shuld be allowed on the island’s motorway.

However, the suggestion only relates to one section between Taurito and Mogán and would be a temporary arrangement.

The Cabildo is proposing the idea as a solution to the permanent closure of the GC-500 by landslides.

Because of this situation, motorists are having to make a detour of round 54 kilometres, even though the closed section is just three kilometres.

Councillor for public works and infrastructure, Ángel Víctor Torres said: “Until the regional executive undertakes the works to recover connec-tivity in the GC-500, we propose this measure to alleviate the economic damage and inconvenience to these vehi-cles.”

Last July there was a large rock fall that forced the closure of the road and while the Cabildo carried out the repair work through the emergency route, there was a new detachment that forced the permanent closure of the road.