|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Two Spaniards arrested for major robberies 


Two Spaniards aged 31 and 29 have been arrested by police in connection with three robberies in La Laguna.

The pair tried to evade detection by throwing some valuable jewels which were part of a 9,000 euro haul down the drain and cutting up notes. The two suspects are believed to have been responsible for the theft of 20,000 euros during a robbery with violence in La Laguna. One of the two Spaniards ran up to a car which was stationary at a roundabout, opened the door, struggled with the driver and made off with a rucksack containing the cash. The bag also contained 9,050 euros worth of jewellery from a well-known store in Tenerife. The suspect then escaped in a car which had earlier been reported stolen from the south and was later found burnt out. The pair also carried out a robbery in a house in La Laguna, also getting away with jewellery.

Some of the stolen items and part of the cash was recovered despite the pair’s attempts to dispose of them.

It has not been specified whether the two Spaniards are men, women or a man and woman though they were described by police as a pair.