|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Seven stars in Lanzarote’s new campaign “An island to feel” 


Lanzarote Cabildo is using the social networks to launch a new campaign about the importance of the island’s Biosphere Reserve.

“Lanzarote, una isla para sentir” (“Lanzarote, an island to feel”) includes videos on Youtube and daily updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on October 7th, 1993 so will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.

In this context, the Cabildo has developed a new awareness campaign about the importance of achieving the right balance between man and nature, which, among other factors, made the island as a whole deserving of the title.

The videos feature seven local people who talk about their love for Lanzarote and the sentiments of “caring, embracing, feeling, living, respecting and sharing” its attractions.

They include Francisco de León, a renowned farmer from Lanzarote linked to La Geria, and an eleven-year-old primary school student, Natalia Petricca who were present at the campaign’s launch as the oldest and youngest participants.

The other five are Professor Luz Mari Dorta, restorer Orlando Ortega, the artist Álvaro Guzmán , the tourist guide María Vallina and the doctor Christian Strehlke.

Their stories can be seen on(www.facebook.com/cabildodelanzarote, twitter @cabildolanzarot y www.facebook.com/reservadelabiosferadelanzarote www.faceebook.com/aguitaconelplastico)

Cabildo president, San Ginés personally thanked them “not only for the sensitivity and collaboration contributed by their tes-timonies to this campaign but also their commitment and involvement with the values represented by our Bio-sphere Reserve, from the point of view of the physical environment, biodiversity and human activity “and made a new appeal to the population” to make these videos their own, to disseminate them, share them and above all to extend their messages, because we are all Biosphere Reserve.”