|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Santa Cruz to target eleven streets for repaving 

Santa Cruz has approved eleven projects to repave streets of the municipality with a budget of around 1.6 million euros.

Sixth deputy mayor and councillor of infrastructures, José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez said the projects are divided into three lots, which, in turn, include different streets depending on their location. The council says the repaving works will involve a significant improvement in the state of these public roads, which present a significant level of deterioration “and indirectly a boost to economic activity with the generation of jobs linked to them.”

The projects and the tender for the works are carried out by the City Council, although the budget is co-financed at 50 per cent by Tenerife Cabildo. One of the lots corresponds to the southwest district and incorporates the resurfacing of the streets Decano Consular Jesús Ramos González (Añaza); avenue Luis Celso García Guadalupe; Atamán, Chacerquén, Jedey Volcano and El Draguillo. The budget amounts to 470,000 euros and the term of execution of the works will be four months.

Another of the lots corresponds to Anatolio Fuentes and provides for the resurfacing of Panama Street, amounting to 470,000 euros and three months of execution.

A third lot includes the performances in Villa Ascensión, where the streets will be repaved Juan García Álvarez, Juan de Aguilar, Luis Segundo Román and Elgueta, Patricio Madán and Lorenzo Tolosa. In this case, the base bidding budget reaches 600,000 euros and the execution period is six months.