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Puerto’s film transformation for “Happy People” may lead to more movies 

The tourist city of Puerto de la Cruz has been immersed in the filming of the Danish film “Happy People” and it looks as though there are more starring roles to come.

Since October 3rd, the municipality has become a real-life set with filming in different parts of the munici-pality. The producer and director of the feature film hope it can be screened at international film festivals.

 The Mayor of Puerto, Lope Afonso, thanked local residents and businesses for their help and understanding as the film represented “an opportunity for the exterior projection of the municipality”, making visible a destination not only with a climate but with “culture, gastronomy and traditions, which is able to captivate many potential visitors of different European latitudes. ” Tourism councillor Dimple Melwani said the film will reach “more than 10 million Scandinavians” a market that represents eleven per cent of the quota of tourists arriving in the municipality and on the rise.

She revealed that Puerto was already in negotiations to host another feature film in the tourist city.

Ian Stewart, director of production, thanked the “total availability” of Puerto to facilitate “in an extraordinary way” the production work of Happy People.

“They welcomed us with the doors open and this convinced us to bring the present project to Puerto de la Cruz,” he stressed, in addition to confirming that, indeed, “we are planning to return soon.”

Under the direction of Samanoue Sahlstrom and as main actors of the cast Dar Salim, Lisa Carlehead and Francesc Garrido, this production has already left an investment of more than half a million euros in the municipality and has led to the creation of 255 direct jobs, 25 people for the team, ten secondary actors and 220 people for extras.

For the director, the choice of destination has meant “an effort to move the entire team to here but all were satisfied with the result.”

He stressed that the film could have been recorded in another country but that for him it was important that the destination had “a great contrast, sun, and that it was easily detectable or recognised as a holiday destination” and that is what Puerto de la Cruz does, in addition to allowing him to transmit “the conversion of the couple from a tragic situation to one of happiness, being surrounded by the sun and happy people who are enjoying their vacations”.

This film is about the couple Adam and Louise, 40, who during a holiday in Tenerife lose their son Lucas, aged ten.

Lucas is presumed drowned, but his body has never been found. “Happy People” recounts the return of Adam and Louise to Puerto de La Cruz, five years after the tragic accident. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the loss of their child. While Louise tries to move, Adam looks for Lucas, who refuses to believe that he is dead. People and events in Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz result in Adam and Louise getting to live with a restored peace.