|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Police make Europe’s biggest ever seizure of drug-making chemicals 

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Police in Spain have made one of the biggest hauls of deadly chemicals capable of making 20 million doses of ecstasy tablets.

Drug squad officers say the seizure of 2,650 kilograms of PMK glycidate from China is the biggest haul of its kind in Europe to date.

The operation was carried out by agents of the National Police and officials of the Tax Agency and has led to the arrest of the ringleader responsible for the Chinese imports and one of his collaborators. One is Chinese, the other Ecuadorian.

“The PMK glycidate could have produced 20,000,000 pills of ecstasy,” said a police spokesman. “This is one of the greatest seizures of this precursor in Europe to date.”

Police also seized a manufacturing machine at Madrid airport which would have been used to manufacture the pills.

The investigations began after a shipment from China of a product declared as pigments was shown to be PMK glycidate.

The Chinese ringleader organised the imports through a network of false companies, with the PMK arriving in Spain by air through Madrid airport.

The goods were declared at customs as colour pigments and waxes with false documents.

Once the chemical compound was in Spain, it was stored in different ware-houses for shipment to Holland.

Three raids were carried out in Madrid. Police said the machine seized was similar to those found in police operations in the Netherlands.