|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Police make 41 arrests after raiding network of cannabis factories 

Police have busted a massive cannabis racket which set up hash factories across Spain specifically to supply the UK market.

As part of a major investigation which started in February, drug squad officers have made another eight arrests and seized 2,500 marijuana plants in Barcelona and Gerona.

Nearly 35 kilos of seeds were also found during raids on seven properties, together with 1,180 grams of buds, 32,200 euros in cash, a vehicle, various effects and documents.

The eight people arrested are of Chinese and Spanish nationality and are said to be key members of the organi-sation which smuggled the cannabis into Britain.

This was the fourth part of the investigation and has now totally broken up the network, say the police.

In total, 25 raids were carried out in eleven Spanish provinces and 41 arrests made. More than 30,000 plants were discovered and 74,500 euros seized.

“This last action has meant the cancellation of the production capacity of the network, ” said a spokesman.

“Its members had distributed the plantations in different provinces throughout the Spanish geography to make it difficult to detect them and ensure part of the production in the event of any of these plantations being discovered. Thus, since the beginning of the investigation, police dismantled 12 plantations, all in different provinces.”

The gang used family houses to set up the factories where drying and packaging was also carried out. Locations were changed every six months to avoid detection.

“The detainees perfected their criminal activity in such a way that they even lined the rooms where they cultivated the marijuana with a thermal insulation material,” said the spokesman. “This sealing meant the odours could not be smelt from outdoors or the heat sources detected either.”