|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Pick up your dog’s mess, council urges! 


Icod de los Vinos is urging pet owners to respect the environment and make sure they pick up their dog’s mess in parks, streets and public gardens.

“It is about raising awareness to end the presence of dog faeces on public roads due to the lack of civility of some owners of these pets who forget to deposit the excrement in the garbage and in the places indicated for it,” said a council spokesman.

The council says it has detected that a significant number of residents do not accompany their dogs during the walk, which has an implication both on safety and cleanliness.

An appeal has also been made to stop this practice, together with a warning that it is an offence which can lead to fines.

“The owner of a dog or any other animal should take care of the municipality where they live in the same way as they care for their pet,” said the spokesman.