|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Moroccan recruited Young suicide bomber who killed 33 


A 47-year-old Moroccan arrested in Spain for helping DAESH actively recruited a terrorist who killed 33 soldiers in a suicide mission and injured dozens more, the Spanish authorities have revealed.

The lorry bomb explosion happened in Iraq in November 2014, with the man behind the wheel, a Moroccan aged 26, having arrived in the country just six weeks before.

He had lived with the 47-year-old recuiter and his family in the Valencia district of Sagunto and “was incessantly provided with content and propaganda in support of the goals of the terrorist group DAESH.”

“After spearheading comments exalting him following his death, the individual arrested in Sagunto continued with his work to recruit and indoctrinate people in his immediate circle with whom he met under strict security measures,” said a spokesman for the Spanish Government.

“Furthermore, he acted as their reference on the internet, teaching them not only how to access the most reserved pro-DAESH content, but also how to eliminate any tracks on the Internet that might lead to their detection by the law enforcement agencies.”

The 47-year-old Moroccan was said to have displayed an anti-social personality, demonstrated by his isolation and lack of social integration.

“He avoided all forms of contact with those people who did not profess his religion in the same terms as he did,” said the spokesman.

The operation remains ongoing.

Since June 26, 2015, the date on which the Ministry of Home Affairs raised the Counter-Terrorism Alert Level to level 4, law enforcement agencies have arrested a total of 206 Jihadi terrorists in operations carried out in Spain and abroad and a total of 251 since the start of 2015.